Languages and Literacies: Supporting and Empowering Multilingual Learners

In this interactive workshop for educators and those supporting young people, hear from award-winning author/professor David Bowles and ELA teacher-librarian Julia E. Torres about ways to bolster multilingual learners in today’s educational environments, and come away equipped with culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogical practices to engage students. 

Discuss vocabulary and practices to re-define literacy and the role of language in educational systems and analyze the latest work of scholar-practitioners who have developed resources specifically for multilingual learners.  

The instructors will be offering their tips to support writing instruction that include validating students’ actual literacies and languages, choose linguistically and culturally appropriate texts for the classroom, help students root their authorial voices in place and identity, and much more.

**Download the information sheet for this workshop here.**

DATE: Wednesday, July 15th

TIME: 10:30am-1:30pm EDT

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