Curricula and Instructional Materials

Call for MAS Curricula and Instructional Materials
Please Distribute Widely
Hello everyone.
Mexican American Studies for Texas Schools is a website dedicated to the advancement and implementation of Mexican American Studies courses and contention in the K-12 Public Education system through the State of Texas.
We are updating our website with materials for teachers of all ages and for schools and community organizations and we need your help.  If you have lesson plans that will culturally enrich the lives of learners, regardless of age or grade, we would be grateful for your help building our public lesson plans and instructional materials. Our goal is to highlight the amazing work you have been doing in reaching young minds with your MAS curriculum while helping others! We are excited to share these creative activities with anyone and everyone who is interested in cultivating young minds.
If you have curriculum, instructional materials, or suggestions to share, please visit our Share My Lesson page.
Thank you in advance for your contributions and please take a look around what we currently have on our website including an implementation packet for how to get MAS at your school, digital resources, and lesson plans.
The MAS 4 Texas Team

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